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Johann Montet is a professional fine art photographer specializing in the stunning region of Far North Queensland where he lives since the mid nineties.

Born (1968)  in Geneva, Switzerland, Johann Montet holds a bachelor degree in Physical Education and has worked for many years as a diving instructor, lifeguard and Emergency Medical Technician.

Throughout his life he has kept a keen interest in photography from the film days to digital, underwater to landscape photography.

It is not until the passing of his very dear godfather Willi Hartmann, himself a very talented photographer for many years that Johann decided to embark on a new journey and take on the challenge of becoming a professional photographer.

While his love for photography started with classic landscapes, he became fascinated by fine-art photography following a week long workshop in the Daintree led by two of the greatest Australian photographers.

During one outing, Dr Les Walkling started to take Intentional Camera Movement pictures (ICM) and later explained to Johann his rational for doing so.

This started a year long research into the world of fine-art/abstract photography and Johann was hooked.

Through his photography, Johann attempts to distill the essence of the scene in front of him, paying great attention to the light, contrast and composition.

Fine Art Photography

Simply put, fine-art photography attempts to express an emotion, feeling or idea.
It is not a mere precise representation of the scene in front of the camera but tries to go beyond.

Johann believes that fine-art photography enables him to free his creativity and allows him to express himself to the fullest.

This expression comes alive in camera through the use of ICM photography, neutral density filters, long exposures and through post-processing using the different available tools of the trade such as blending multiple exposures.

What is ICM photography ?

ICM stands for: Intentional Camera Movement.

It has been used by many photographers since the early 20th century to present another way of seeing the world.

‘It is a bit like painting an image on the camera’s sensor through the use of camera movements. Like a painter using a brush on a canvas.’

It involves using longer shutter speeds and various camera movements until the desired result is achieved.

We all interpret the world through our own senses but also through the filter of our past experiences, sensibility and psyche.

The role of the artist is to find a medium to express his/her own view of the world.

Put a group of serious photographers in the same location and you will be surprised by how many different interpretations of it they will come up with.

‘When ready to go to a location, I clear my mind and turn up with a blank slate. I open myself to the myriads of possibilities in front of me and take it from there.’

The result is an ever growing and evolving collection of haunting, dreamy artworks which will delight the owners for the years to come.



Sony A7RIII full frame mirrorless camera


FE 16-35mm f2.8  G Master Lens
FE 24-70mm f2.8 G Master Lens
FE 70-200mm f2.8 G Master Lens


Wine Country Camera Blackstone ND filters


Really right stuff TVC-45
Arca-Swiss C1 Cube head


Capture One for raw processing

Photoshop for post-processing

3DLUT creator for colour work

PTGui for panoramas

Colour accuracy

Colour management is done through the use of an Eizo screen and use of Dr Les Walkling custom professional ICC profiles to enable a seamless colour translation from camera to the final print.